Ira Rosenberg Discretionary Needs Fund

Plummer Youth Promise is pleased to announce the Ira Rosenberg Discretionary Needs Fund, created in honor of the late Ira Rosenberg, founder of Ira Motor Group.

Ira Rosenberg of Marblehead, MA supported Plummer quietly. He took time to connect with young people one-on-one, something not always easy with teenagers. He listened to them describe their artwork, he took them shopping, he treated them to dinner. He shared with them his own story, conveying the message that your past experiences don’t have to limit your future potential. It pained Ira to think of young people without necessities like proper clothing, so winter jackets were high on his priority list. But he also recognized that young people need more than basics like clothing, so he supported activities that fostered healthy development, like cameras for teens engaged in photography, and security deposits for young adults getting their first apartment. He was no ordinary man so it should come as no surprise that there was an extraordinary outpouring of generosity after he passed away last March at the age of 82. Two-hundred and fifty people and organizations honored Ira’s life and unbounded enthusiasm by donating a total of $50,000 to Plummer Youth Promise.

If you would like to follow in Ira’s footsteps and help to ensure that the young people in our care not only have their basic needs met, but also have access to a fulfilling, healthy, and enriching childhood, please consider making a donation in his honor to the Ira Rosenberg Discretionary Needs Fund.