Intensive Permanency Services

Plummer and the Department of Children and Families (DCF) share a similar organizational philosophy; we both believe that in order for a young person to become a successful adult they must have a family that is unconditionally committed to them and able to nurture, protect and guide them.

Plummer Youth Promise is proud to offer an Intensive Permanency Services program to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Northern Region. Through this program, Plummer permanency experts work with youth in DCF care who live in non-Plummer settings, such as other group care facilities. The goal is to provide intensive, permanency-specific work on each youth’s case, with the intent of helping the youth connect or reconnect with permanent families.

Our Intensive Permanency Services includes three essential strategies – Family Search and Engagement, Youth Guided Teaming and Permanency Readiness – all designed to successfully connect and integrate young people in our care with a forever family. Our permanency work is part of our Intervention Model which we have used with great success with youth in our Foster Care and Residential Programs. Our permanency work has gained national attention and we are teaching permanency best practices to other organizations across the country through our Training and Consulting team.