What We Do


We provide customized services ranging from one-on-coaching, case consultations, trainings, strategic consulting, or multi-year engagements for child welfare providers, state and county child welfare agencies, nonprofit organizations, and residential programs.

We support organizations to:

  • Identify and operationalize organizational permanency goals
  • Increase permanency competencies for staff and supervisors, and
  • Advance permanency interventions for youth and families.
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Coaching and Case Consultation

Permanency consultation and coaching have been essential in advancing permanency practice at Plummer!

Coaching: Coaching is provided one-on-one with individual clinicians or social workers to demonstrate application of the best practice strategies and tools presented in training. Coaching is also helpful to individual supervisors or managers as they assist supervisees in making shifts in permanency practice.

Case Consultation: Permanency Consultations are facilitated for small groups of clinicians, social workers, residential counselors, supervisors and managers. The one-hour consultation applies best practice strategies and tools for the most complex circumstances within youth and families. Emphasis is on practical next steps and solutions to challenging situations with individual children and their families.

Training and Workshops

Plummer uses the Permanency Best Practices Model to increase organizational capacity to help youth stay home, go home or find home. Using a broad definition of permanency, Permanency Practice Leadership utilizes best practices that can be applied to front-end prevention services as well as youth who have experienced foster or residential care.

PPL permanency focused trainings are grounded in the principles of

  • Family search and engagement
  • Youth guided, family-driven teaming, and
  • Permanency readiness.

All trainings offer an innovative blend of lecture, video, experiential exercises, demonstrated role plays, small group discussions and feature youth and family voice and examples.


Strategic Consulting

Our team of national experts have decades of experience with public and private child welfare agencies across the country. We provide technical assistance to executive level leadership and management, to support and promote a continued commitment to permanency-focused child welfare outcomes.

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We can support organizations in developing a permanency-driven culture with practical strategies and tools. Customized technical assistance may include:

  • Developing an organizational theory of change
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships
  • Developing permanency-focused interventions and outcome models
  • Aligning data collection and reporting with permanency-related goals and benchmarks
  • Setting budget priorities and develop practice implementation strategies

Our Organizational Permanency Assessment Tool can also help evaluate your organization’s readiness for permanency work and design a customize plan for implementation.

For more information please contact Paula R. Young at pyoung@plummeryouthpromise.org