Poem by a Plummer Foster Parent

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In this poem, one of our foster parents reminds us of the deep power and lasting impact of foster parents. Thank you Miss Elayne.

The Legacy of Foster Parents

Children come into your life for a reason, sometimes for a season
Often for a lifetime.
You don’t need to know which one it is, you will adapt to each child.
Remember, every child is in your life for a REASON
Often to meet a need.
They come so you can assist them through a difficulty,
Provide them with guidance and support,
Aid them physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Sometimes they may seem like a godsend.
More often, a challenge.
You may thank God or ask “Why me Lord?”
Remember, they are here for a reason;
Learn their reason and help them to succeed.

Some children come into your life for a SEASON.
An experience of peace, to make you laugh, or test your patience.
They may teach you something new or remind you of the past.
They often bring you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it is real, if only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach LIFETIME lessons.
Lessons you must build upon to create a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the child
And put what you both have learned to use
In all other relationships and areas of your lives.
This foundation will last a lifetime.

Then, often without any wrongdoing on either part
Usually at an inconvenient time
They are gone
And for the moment, the relationship is suspended.
Often they go home or to live with extended family;
Sometimes they go to college, start a family of their own
Get married or just strike out to find themselves.
What we must realize is that we have met a need.
Our desire to help was fulfilled, our work is suspended
And often, for this child, done.

Frequently children search and find you to say “Thanks.”
Sometimes they return for help with their adult lives.
Sometimes they return when you need them most.
Often, sadly, the outcome of their story remains a mystery.
The prayer you sent up may yet be answered.
There is a hole in your heart.
You need to remember: However small,
You have made a difference in a life.

It is said that love is blind, friendship is clairvoyant.
Our relationships with our foster children are, uniquely,
A wonderful combination of both.

To All OUR KIDS – Biological, Adopted and Foster –
Thank you for being a part of our lives.
You were here for a reason,
A season, a lifetime.

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  • Britney says:

    I was A former foster child at the age of 2 was moved around a lot from foster homes and group homes until I got emancipated at age of 18

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