Community Apartments

Plummer’s Community Apartments help young men and women referred by the Department of Children and Families take their first steps toward living on their own.

Our community apartments support young men and women between the ages of 18 and 22 who were in the child welfare system when they turned 18. We help them locate their first apartment, co-sign their lease, pay all relevant deposits and purchase furniture. Youth in community apartments:

  • Attend school or educational program and/or work
  • Pay monthly rent to Plummer Youth Promise, which may begin as a partial payment and gradually expand to full payment depending on the circumstances. These dollars are saved for the youth, and given back when they leave the program
  • Engage in the development of their own youth-guided treatment plans
  • Meet with Plummer staff at least once per week
  • Grocery shop, cook and clean for themselves

Each young man and woman helps develop their own treatment plan, which may include individual therapy where they work to process past traumas and group classes, where they can learn coping skills and conflict. Each youth experiences the full range of Plummer Home’s Intervention Model, which focuses on connecting them with permanent family, prepares them to meet their own physical, emotional, educational and economic needs, and helps them become a productive member of the community.

When the youth discharges from Plummer Youth Promise, if the landlord is amenable, Plummer will sign the lease over to the youth and he or she may stay in the apartment and keep the furnishings. This gives the young person a boost because there is no need to come up with a deposit and furnishings for a new apartment.