Plummer Youth Promise’s OnPoint program is operated in collaboration with the Salem Police Community Impact Unit and Essex County Juvenile Probation. The primary goal of the program is to keep youth from entering juvenile detention or foster care.

Youth are referred to OnPoint by Juvenile Probation or state Department of Children and Families (DCF). While most live in Salem, it is not uncommon for teens from other communities in Essex or Middlesex counties to participate.

OnPoint provides individualized case management and offers structured programming. Activities include:

  • Sessions on conflict resolution, sexuality and healthy relationships
  • Substance misuse support groups
  • Paid service projects through which young people earn money they can then use to pay restitution to the court
  • Coaching on how to get and keep a job
  • Educational speaker events
  • Community service
  • Expressive Activities including music and art
  • Recreational Activities

Each year, more than 100 young people were court ordered to OnPoint to participate in the Structured Program, community service or individualized case management. The vast majority of those who complete the program remain free of juvenile detention a year later.

Each Friday afternoon, OnPoint also offers its expressive and recreational activities to young people living in the neighborhood who may not be involved with the juvenile court or DCF. These community programs provide healthy activities that help relieve stress, teach skills and build confidence. In FY 16, 74 youth took advantage of OnPoint community programming.

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