Recent Activities

Publications, Presentations & Webinars:

(May 2018) Plummer Executive Director, James Lister and Director of Strategy & Advancement, Nicole McLaughlin authored an article in Adoptalk 2018, Issue 1 titled “The Plummer Youth Promise: Infusing Permanency in Residential Care.” Click here for the full article.

(May 2016) Plummer Executive Director, James Lister and Permanency Social Worker, Christina Brackett presented at the Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies (OACCA) annual conference on best practices in getting older youth out of the child welfare system and back to family.

(May 2016) Plummer Executive Director, James Lister shared his expertise on how to help older youth in foster care achieve permanency at the Child & Family’s “Transforming the Care of Children and Youth in Rhode Island” conference in Providence, RI.

(September 2016) Plummer Director of Outcomes & Evaluation (Sarah Morrill) and Program Director of Supervised Apartments (Ken Wilson) presented at the Social Solutions Global “Superhero Summit” in Baltimore, MD. They shared how Plummer’s residential program designed and implemented an outcome measurement system to reinforce their clinical practice and satisfy funders’ requests for quantifiable data.

(April 2017) Plummer Director of Outcomes and Evaluation, Sarah Morrill and Group Home Program Director, Joshua Metcalfe presented a workshop titled “Transforming Residential Intervention with Outcomes Design” at the Association of Children’s Residential Centers’ annual conference in Portland, OR.