Intervention Model

Children need families. At Plummer Youth Promise, we deeply believe that. We also believe they need skills and community connections to be successful. Ideally, these are built within the context of family – either their biological family, or if that’s not possible, a new, permanent family.

Plummer’s intervention model focuses on three concepts: permanent families, preparedness and community. Our theory is that when young people have all three of these things, they are more likely to succeed as adults. Each of our programs emphasizes these concepts to varying degrees, depending on the program and the needs of the youth served.


Every youth has a safe emotionally secure parenting relationship with a life-long, legal family.


Every youth should have the skills and support to meet his or her physical, emotional, educational, and economic needs.


Every youth has a safe place to live, a sense of belonging and a chance to positively contribute to the community.

Chart showing what leads to a Successful Adulthood. In Permanency category: 1) Family & Parting 2) Safe, Stable Family Living Environment. In Preparedness category: 1) Educational 2) Economic 3) Health & Wellness. In Community category: 1) Social Skills 2) Community Connectedness 3) Safe, Stable Community Living Environment