Wooden Cross

Written and performed by Jacob and Aaron Z. Katz
Drum programming: Jacob
Piano: Aaron Z. Katz

Now I raise my head up high and realize the past isn’t who I am
I raise my hands and praise the lord
Lead me to the promised land

Keep a wooden cross around my neck never flashy
Fake friends always where the cash be
If you have faith you can get through fear
Fear is false evidence appearing real
With the devil I’ll never do a deal
God gave me my gift so from my faith I will never drift
The devil doesn’t exist
Evil is what you make it
If you choose to be you will be forsaken
I walk through the valley of death never shaken
No weapon performed against me shall prosper
As long as I have God on my side its Hakuna matata
Rhymes activating your medulla oblongata
Look at religion you express yourself and all a sudden you sinnin’
Snake on my shoulder loudly hissing
But I’ll never give in ‘cause my gift is god given
This is the genesis of my career
The beginning

Lord Jesus you are my savior
Before I found you I believed I was a failure
You rule the seven seas and me I’m just a sailor
We need to sit back and marvel at the beauty of nature
Take a look at the trees and not just the paper
I want to inspire kids before I see my life taper
Armed with a pen as my saber
Why are there such things as haters?
Didn’t God teach us to always love thy neighbor
You held me through the currents like an anchor
Fighting the war against evil
God I am your crusader

Dear God I thank you for all the blessings in my life
As long as I have you I know everything will be alright
Please lead me astray from darkness
And towards the light