Raise Your Hands

(message to his deceased parents)

by Romare
Music and lyrics by RJ, A.Z. Katz
Vocals: RJ, D. Lovasco, Plummer Home kids, Mondejas Chorus
Drum programming: RJ
Keyboard: A.Z. Katz

(verse 1 to his mother)

Every time I stepped out in the world

Every day
I tried to dodge pits and swinging razor blades
Hoping to find a way and ask the lord for strength

Every time I pray
Wishing you were here

But you had to fade away.
Now I’m left astray

Most of my family isn’t worth to convey
Cuz I felt that they all

Betrayed me
But even after death

You were here nevertheless
And because of you I’ll always fight

Till my last breath.



Raise your hands, to the sky
You have wings, you can fly


(verse 2 to his father)

Where were you when I was getting high?

Trying to live a fantasy

cuz reality was a lie?
You left me at 6

And then at 16 you come by?
You called me fake and I replied

“I wish that you would die!”
Then two years passed

And death caught up to you literally
There’s 19 years of anger and animosity
That you left in me!

But the pen is mightier than the sword
Dad, regardless of your sins, just like mom

You will soar



Raise your hands, to the sky
You have wings, you can fly