Dear Ma

Lyrics and Music by HS

Dear Ma, here’s my letter
Everything will get better
One day we’ll be together
Looking at the light
Soft like a feather

I cried so many tears
I can’t even count
People dead and gone
It’s like death coming in and out
Yeah I may be wrong
But for you I wrote this song
We haven’t talked in so long
Now it’s like life is even harder
You gotta be smarter
Growing up without a father
Show me how to be a man
Do what I want and do what I can
You’re up there flying
I’m just waiting for my plane to land
You show me the game
Get set the money
And forget about the fame
‘Cause you can be here one day and gone another
You never get a second mother
So every day say you love her

I lost the number one woman in my life
But I hear you saying son
You will be alright
You don’t have to fuss
You don’t have to fight


I remember the days I used to cry
You used to ask me why
I would say I never want to lose you
Never will a man abuse you
You had me lost like Blue’s Clues
Now I’m grown up
And I know what you meant
You had a hard life
Now you’re heaven sent
You were there through thick and thin
From start to end
Clear vision and a clear lens
While you’re up there
Tell Carl that I love him
My Mother, my brother
No one could ever be put above them