Music has helped me become a champion. It has helped me overcome so many obstacles. It is my confidence.

– Kaylee, 19

It started with the donation of a used piano in 2007. Today, Plummer’s Music Program is fully equipped and incredibly popular, inspiring youth to share their love of music with each other and the community at large.

Directed by professional musician and producer Aaron Z. Katz, participants write lyrics, compose and record music as well as learn music theory. They also perform live for a variety of community events. The program is available to all Plummer youth, whether they are in our Group Home and OnPoint programs.

Through music, youth learn self-expression, coping mechanisms, communication skills and discipline. The performances help link them with their community and begin to understand that they can contribute to and draw support from that community.


Watch our video to see how music is changing the lives of Plummer youth:


Learn more about how music makes a difference in our youth by reading RJ’s story. You can also listen to some of our young musicians composed by clicking on the song titles below.

Dear Ma | Better Man Blues | Perfect Tonight | Break the Chains | Rise Above the Pain |Wooden Cross  | Raise Your Hands