Giving Thanks for Foster Parents

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Foster parents are always giving. Sometimes they are providing a home for a group of siblings to prevent separation. Other times they are simply reaching out to an anxious birth parent to keep them updated on their child’s progress. We are so grateful for all that they do! 


Dear Foster Parents, 

Thank you for being available 24/7. You know all too well that children need your help around the clock. You are there for the anxious child who can’t fall asleep, or to pick up the phone late at night when a child urgently needs a safe place to live and it can’t wait until morning. 

Thank you for taking on so many responsibilities in order to provide your foster child the help they need. You have probably lost count of the medical and dental appointments, school conferences, and therapy sessions you have been part of on behalf of your foster child. Whether you are providing transportation or attending a meeting, you are helping your foster child get the support and services they need. 

Thank you for understanding that kids in foster care need to maintain safe connections to birth family. Your support of regular contact, whether through visitsphone calls, or Zoom, strengthens those connections.  

Thanks for taking a child into your family and being willing to share your love with someone who needs it. You are making a huge difference in the life of your foster child. Please remember that your hard work, devotion and loving commitment are deeply appreciated. 


With gratitude,

The Plummer Youth Promise Team 


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