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We asked our members why they decided to join Promise Circle and why it was a meaningful experience to them.

Here’s what they answered:

“I’ve been familiar with the good work of Plummer Youth Promise for many years. I know donations are put to great use, and I’m so impressed with the new inroads Plummer has made, now helping foster children and young women, too, and expanding beyond the Salem site.”

“I am so impressed with the work that is being done to help the young people in the programs. And hearing some of the success stories… it’s the least I can do to help.”

 “The direct impact of the gift is clear.”

“I believe in what Plummer does for youth, and I wanted to make sure the work is sustainable.”

Plummer Promise Circle is a devoted group of monthly supporters on a mission to ensure youth find their forever family and that they do not miss out on childhood experiences while in our care. Join Promise Circle now.

Plummer Promise Circle helps us do whatever it takes to find a forever family.

An Uber ride, a cell phone, or a dinner…
Sometimes it takes a little extra help to bring a family together. Barriers to transportation, meals, and technology can make it difficult for a youth to find or reunite with family. Your support helps overcome these challenges and connect youth with family or friends that could be their forever support system.

Or a joyful, childhood experience…
Kids need more than just food and shelter. Promise Circle members help us go above and beyond basic services funded by the government by providing our youth with genuine, meaningful childhood experiences. Your support enables youth to explore hobbies and activities like fishing trips, camping, and music lessons.

Be a part of a community: Promise Circle is made up of passionate, generous, and determined people like you. They are changing the lives of youth. They are making family for everyone a reality. We know you are going to fit right in.

Join Promise Circle Now

Your Promise Circle benefits include:

  • A monthly e-blast highlighting Plummer activities and stories
  • Invitations to special member events, including updates with Plummer leadership 2x per year
  • A special 1-year Anniversary gift
  • Annual appreciation event for Promise Circle members

Contact our Philanthropic Engagement Manager for support or questions on joining our Promise Circle.

Emily Lonergan
978-744-1099 ext. 116

You help make so many things possible…

And so many more experiences that all youth deserve

And so many more experiences that all youth deserve

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations

Camping trips

Connecting our youth with family in special ways
A young woman in foster care made two of these build a bears with her younger cousin, complete with their personalized voice recordings, so that they could hear each other’s voices and feel close even when they are far apart.

Family Visits

Fishing trips

Graduation celebrations


Holiday celebrations

Movie nights

Self-expression through art and music

Transportation to visit friends and family, to go to work, or to go to school

Uniform and shoes for a youth’s first job