Leah Goodman and Christos Douroudis

Race Directors

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Leah and Christos are the Race Directors for Paddle for Plummer. They manage all water activities and water safety. Christos is primarily involved with logistics related to the race course and coordinating with the Harbormaster. Leah spends countless hours bringing in new sponsors and keeping current sponsors happy to return each year. Leah and Christos shut down 90% of their business (SUP East Coast Style) for the day and donate their entire fleet of paddleboards, so people near and far can have the opportunity to save a little money and not rent a board. The SUP East Coast Style race team participates in the event, and Leah and Christos coach them not only to be the best paddler they can be, but to surpass their fundraising goals!

Leah and Christos’ involvement with Plummer started 6 years ago when Nicole McLaughlin, Director of Strategy & Advancement, reached out to them to bring a water-based fundraising event to the beautiful waterfront property at Plummer. Leah and Christos were “super stoked.” This opportunity gave them a platform to help a cause that was so personal to them as well as bring awareness to the sport of paddle. “Grow the sport, grow the event, and bring more awareness to Plummer Youth Promise was a no brainer for us.” They set a goal to raise $10,000 in their first year, but they far surpassed that goal, raising $25,000 instead! For them, connecting the local community and beyond by introducing this sport and this event was “simply magical.” From the novice paddler, to the Olympic level athlete, this event has something for everyone. As Leah and Christos explain, “our involvement is simple, it is the purpose of why we created SUP East Coast Style in the first place. A place for not only our own healing, but to help bring that feeling, otherwise known as the "SUP bug," to others. We are extremely proud to say this event has only continued to grow and evolve since then!”


Emily Lonergan

Event Coordinator

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Emily coordinates event logistics (non-water related) and sponsors and vendors. Emily joined us last year at Paddle for Plummer as an intern, and is returning this year as the Special Events Coordinator at Plummer Youth Promise! Emily comes to us with a lot of event planning experience, creativity and enthusiasm!

Candice Pechilis

Registration Manager

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Candice manages registration at Paddle for Plummer. She's been with Plummer Youth Promise for over 5 years, and is currently their Community Engagement Manager. Candice has been involved with Paddle for Plummer since Year 1 and has enjoyed seeing the event grow each year.

Amy Nesbitt

Volunteer Coordinator

Amy coordinates volunteers at Paddle for Plummer. She's joining us for the first year as an intern at Plummer Youth Promise. If you're interested in volunteering at Paddle for Plummer, please reach out to her!

Nicole McLaughlin

Event Manager

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Over 6 years ago, Nicole reached out to Leah and Christos at SUP East Coast Style, and Paddle for Plummer was born! Nicole has been with Plummer Youth Promise for over 10 years, and is their Director of Strategy and Advancement. Click here to read her full bio. At Paddle for Plummer, you’ll find Nicole coordinating our timing volunteers and making sure everything on event day runs smoothly. Her creativity and knowledge has helped this event become one of the most anticipated summer events on the North Shore.

Kristin Bucci

Spin/SUP Yoga Manager

Kristin works at Yoga Sakti in Salem, MA and has been involved with Paddle for Plummer for many years. Yoga Sakti sponsors the spinning and SUP yoga at Paddle for Plummer. Kristin can answer all of your registration questions. Register on Yoga Sakti's website for spin or SUP yoga.

Aaron Z. Katz

Sound Manager

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Aaron has been with Plummer Youth for the last ten years as our music program director, and more recently, as a youth engagement specialist. He is also a professional musician. Aaron will be running sound and live music at this years Paddle for Plummer. He looks forward to growing the live music component of the event.

Jessica Melger

Event MC

Jessica will be this year's Paddle for Plummer MC! Jess is from Orlando, FL and has been paddleboarding since 2011. She is a Brand Ambassador for ECS Boards Australia. Jess will be on the mic all day keeping the energy going and talking to all the event goers!

Jessica “The Big Deal” Melger first started stand up paddle boarding over five years ago, It was a means to get out have fun with friends and meet new people. Jessica is a war veteran who suffers from PTSD. Standup paddle boarding opened the door to an entirely new way of life that she never knew could be possible. Jessica can be seen padding any number of the Florida springs, or really anywhere around the world. She is even known to take on the occasional race here and there, and has had podium placings in several events throughout the USA. Jessica has been competing in the open race at Carolina Cup for the last three years. Jessica is an established artist with many outlets. Her work can be seen on Werner Paddles, ECS Paddle Boards and any other custom items she thinks need that artistic touch. Fun Fact: Jess is originally from the U.K. But her family moved to the states when she was a baby. British mum and an Indonesian father. She is an island girl all the way. Follow Jessica on Instagram @j.melger


Zach Rounsaville

Clinic Coach

Zach will be one of the coaches for the Friday night (All Levels) Paddleboard Clinic! Zach is from Mississippi and has been paddleboarding since 2012. He is a Brand Ambassador for Indigo and is sponsored by Infinity. Zach is one of the top 100 paddlers in the world and will have lots of great tips for paddlers of all skill levels!

Zach has been a lifelong athlete and coach at a high level in multiple sports. For the last 5 years, his passion has been stand-up paddle boarding. From day one Zach was hooked and when he found racing, he was able to fuel his competitive fire with his new passion. Today Zach actively seeks out ways to help people get on the water and enjoy this sport that has given him so much. Zach’s drive is to use his skill sets to help as many people enjoy getting on the water and out in nature as he can!


Amy and Company

The Band

Amy & Company are based out of Salem, MA. The band officially formed in 2014 and have been playing restaurants/bars, weddings and events ever since. Amy Billings is an educator as well, and she has always loved the work that Plummer does for the young people in this community. She is so excited to get involved with Paddle For Plummer this summer! Follow them on Facebook at