Marathon Team

The 2019 Marathon Team will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

Meet the 2018 Plummer Youth Promise Boston Marathon Team

Amy Cutler
Amy Cutler is a long-time volunteer at Plummer Youth Promise. She’ll be running her 8th Boston Marathon this year (her 5th one for Plummer!). Amy is running, as she explains, “to turn miles into hope for Plummer youth…I’m incredibly fortunate because I know no matter how far I venture and no matter how grueling the journey back might be, my home and my family are always waiting for my return. Everyone deserves that certainty, especially children.”

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Jibreel Santiago
Jibreel Santiago is a graduate of the Van Loan Graduate School of Management at Endicott College and currently works full-time at City Winery in Boston. He’ll be running his 3rd Boston Marathon this year for Plummer Youth Promise. As a former Plummer resident, Jibreel is running because, as he explains, “They gave me my life back and I will be forever grateful for the vast opportunity. They did so much for me in those five years…I want to give back by running the Boston Marathon and saying thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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Ed Fogarty
Ed Fogarty works for Bon Appetit Management Company. He’ll be running his 1st Boston Marathon this year for Plummer Youth Promise. Ed is running because his family and friends have adopted children through foster care, and as he says, “We know that children who come into care can have complicated social, emotional and health care needs. Meeting those needs requires dedicated and trained professionals who understand those needs and can develop child centric/specific integrated plans involving the child, the families (natural and foster), school or work and the community.”

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John Dullea
John Dullea is a middle school teacher for Peabody Public Schools and is the Head Basketball Coach at St. John’s Prep. He’ll be running his 1st Boston Marathon this year for Plummer Youth Promise. As a middle school teacher, John has worked with students who come from difficult backgrounds. John is running, as he explains, “to help place youth in stable family situations and teach them the skills they’ll need to be good citizens in our community.”

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Raica Mirza
Raica Mirza attends Simmons College in Boston and works at Brigham and Women's Hospital. She’ll be running her 1st Boston Marathon this year for Plummer Youth Promise. Raica is running because, as she explains, “I babysit for a family that adopted both of their daughters…These girls are the light of my life and I care very deeply about them…I run for kids like them. I am personally touched by Plummer’s mission, and running for this charity means spreading the word and letting the community know just how much good it is doing!”

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