Participate In or Host An Event

Man riding paddle board with his dog while families smile in the background

Participate in an event 

Our signature fundraising event is Paddle for Plummer. Held in July, this event includes a variety of fun and/or fitness events on our waterfront property in Salem. Events include Stand Up Paddleboarding, Waterfront Spinning, Paddleboard Yoga and a Corn Hole Tournament.

Join us as a sponsor or participant.


Do it yourself event 

More and more people are enjoying do it yourself fundraising. If this interests you, here are some ideas:


Host an adult activity

  • A backyard barbecue with donations at the door (or front gate)
  • A dodge ball, corn hole or bowling tournament
  • A neighborhood wide yard sale, with proceeds going to Plummer
  • Charity poker event
  • A beard challenge, supported by sponsors – the longest beard wins a prize


Host a children’s activity

  • Family picnic day where prizes are donated and raffled off
  • A sports-a-thon where students do an activity for a period of time (walking a track, dancing or doing jumping jacks) to playing a long baseball game (20 innings?)
  • Board game tournament
  • Car wash fundraiser
  • Buy a chore – donate to students who do chores like gardening or cleaning
  • Bake sale
  • Birthday party with gift collection for Plummer (gifts like movie passes work great)


Request Donations For Meeting A Personal Goal

Want to lose 50 pounds? Cycle 100 miles in a day? Quit smoking? Ask friends and family to sponsor you, with the proceeds going to Plummer. You’ll feel extra motivated to meet your goal while raising money for an incredible organization


Depending on the size and nature of your activity, Plummer may be able to provide the following:

  • Electronic marketing materials, such as our logo
  • Written Plummer marketing materials
  • A Plummer representative at your event
  • Ideas for party themes and collection items
  • Assistance setting up an electronic fundraising site


For more information about fundraising events, please contact Nicole McLaughlin at