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From Foster Parent to Adoptive Mom: One Year Later

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It was never Karen’s intention to adopt a sibling group of three.  She was going to be their foster mother while they worked toward reunifying with their birth mother. 

While fostering, she learned a lot about the importance of stopping kids from bouncing around the foster care system.  About the importance of finding them a safe, permanent, loving home – with birth family or someone else.

So when it became clear that reunifying with their birth mother was not an option, Karen decided to adopt. 

One year later, here’s the email she sent to us at Plummer Foster Care. 

Just wanted to update you all on the one year anniversary of “The Adoption”.

All of the boys are doing great and each is doing their own thing:

  • John is doing Floor Hockey with the YMCA
  • Steven is now a Junior Purple Belt with Ocasio’s True Martial Arts
  • TJ is doing summer league basketball
  • Both John & Steven play Spring league Flag Football Sundays.
  • All 3 boys will be attending the YMCA Sports Camp this summer in Plaistow NH.


All boys are in good health and are doing ok in school. They get to play video games on the weekends only (which drives them all crazy).

Most days after school John makes a supersonic sandwich of 3 different lunch meats, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. John is learning how to do his own laundry (thank God for Tide Pods). Because he’s so short, he has to stand on his tip toes to reach in the washing machine to get his clothes out.

Steven turned 8 on May 1st and had his party at Laser Craze in North Andover. He wanted an all boy party “no girls allowed” and that is what he had. Steven’s favorite sandwich is Fluff and bread –no peanut butter. Steven is also learning how to do his laundry, John & I help him put his things in the dryer.

TJ cooks dinner one night a week. He watches the food network and thinks he’s a chef. He had done burgers (on the grill), chili, and Hamburger helper. I want to start him out slow, very slow. (smile). TJ does his laundry on occasion (smile).

This has been a long journey, but I think things are finally coming together for us and I just want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for making this all possible for me or should I say us.

-Karen & The Boys

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