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Welcome to Plummer’s blog. It’s about our work with children, and will focus especially on our foster care program, which finds safe and caring homes for kids who need them. Right now in Massachusetts, there’s a critical shortage of foster families. This blog aims to help people understand more about foster care: how it works, how you can become a foster parent, and what the experience is like from the perspective of both adults and children. It will try to dispel some myths about being a foster parent and offer parenting tips for foster parents or anyone caring for a child. We’ll also interview foster parents and kids in foster care, as well as professionals in the field – caring people who want to help kids get through a tough time in their lives.

Music Helps Me Cope

Posted on November 20, 2015 by

His mother died when he was six. His father, addicted to drugs, abandoned him. At 16, RJ arrived at Plummer Home a lonely, traumatized teenager who had been bouncing around the foster care system for several years.