James Lister headshot

Dear Friend:

Welcome to Plummer Youth Promise where since 1855, we’ve embraced the most vulnerable young people in our community, offering them unwavering support and helping them become productive, valued members of our community.

Some of these young people have spent years in foster care and are on track to age out of the system with nowhere to go. Others have experienced the devastating impact of poverty, drugs, violence or even jail. Many have no one to rely on. They are alone.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Plummer, we believe that what these youth really need is something most of us take for granted — the stability and support of a family. That belief drives everything we do.

Our Promise is bold. We work tirelessly to connect each of these kids with a family that will be with them forever. Sometimes that’s their biological family, other times it’s a new family.

For too long, it’s been assumed that finding families for teens was not possible, and that work had to focus on the development of skills. We believe that all kids – even teens – need and can achieve family. And we’re proving that it can be done. Our model has piqued interest locally and nationally, and we’re now teaching others. This means more young people will be helped.

At the same time, we recognize that our young people need to heal from trauma and develop skills. To that end, while working on building family relationships, we help youth cope with their pasts, find a place to live and acquire the social and vocational skills they will need throughout life.

Please take some time to read the success stories on this website and learn about our programs, and our focus on permanency, preparedness and community. Then, join us in this critical mission. Help us ensure that our slogan – Family for Everyone – becomes a reality.


James Lister
Executive Director