Dear Friend,

Welcome to Plummer Youth Promise! I’m glad you’re here.

At Plummer, we believe that every young person needs something most of us take for granted, a family unconditionally committed to nurture, protect and guide them; someone who will be with them forever.

Unfortunately, the young people we work with don’t have that. They entered the foster care system, sometimes years ago, and haven’t yet made it back to their own families or on to a new family.  Many have family experiences devastated by poverty, drugs or violence. When they come to us, they are alone, and they are lonely.

We know that if they leave the foster care system as young adults with no family to count on they’re likely to struggle with things like homelessness, unemployment and early parenting.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our Promise is bold. We work tirelessly to connect each of these young people with a family that will be with them forever. Sometimes that’s their biological family, other times it’s a new family. We believe deeply that family is possible for all young people, even teenagers. And we’re proving that it can be done.

We also believe young people need life skills and community connections. To that end, while working on building family relationships, we help young people cope with their pasts and acquire the social and vocational skills they will need throughout life.

Our approach has piqued interest locally and nationally. As we’ve grown, we added a practice leadership division to provide consultation and training to other organizations and agencies in Massachusetts and across the country. This means we are helping even more young people find their way back to family.

Please take some time to read the success stories on this website and learn about our programs, and our focus on permanency, preparedness and community. Then, consider supporting us in this critical mission. Help us ensure that our slogan – Family for Everyone – becomes a reality.

Nicole McLaughlin
Executive Director