Senior Staff

James Lister headshot

James Lister
Executive Director

Nicole McLaughlin headshot

Nicole McLaughlin
Director of Strategy and Advancement

Shane MacMaster headshot

Shane MacMaster
Director of Operations

Chris Hallinan headshot

Chris Hallinan
Director of Finance

MaryLuz Arling headshot

MaryLuz Arling
Foster Care Program Director

Christina Bracket headshot

Christina Brackett
Clinical Director for Residential Services

Lauren Frey headshot

Lauren Frey
Director of Permanency Practice Leadership

Caryn Willa Lister headshot

Caryn Willa Lister
Clinical Manager - Intensive Permanency Program

Joshua Metcalfe headshot

Joshua Metcalfe
Group Home Program Director

Sarah Morrill headshot

Sarah Morrill
Director of Outcomes and Evaluations

Keith Willa headshot

Keith Willa
OnPoint Program Director

Ken Wilson headshot

Ken Wilson
Apartment Programs Director

Julia A. B. Pearson
Permanency Mediation Services Program Director