Chair: Paul Nightingale, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, HP Hood, LLC.

Vice-Chair: Kathleen Truscott

Treasurer: Kim Meader, Retired, Former Executive Vice President, Salem Five Bank

Clerk: Marshall Strauss, President and CEO, Human and Civil Rights Organization of America



  • Darren Ambler, Managing Director, Insight Insurance Agency;
    Former Vice President, Group Products Director, Eastern Benefits Group
  • Rick Cormier, Customer Service Engineer, Hosokawa Alpine American, Inc.
    Former Plummer resident
  • David Guilbeault, Chief Financial Officer, Albany Auto Management, LLC
    Former Plummer resident
  • Sarah M. Hayes, Retired, Retirement Analyst, City of Salem
  • Holly Jannell, Plummer volunteer
  • Stephen G. Manning, Retired
    Formerly Senior Finance and Operations Executive, Fidelity Investments
  • Brendan R. Walsh, Ph.D., Educator; retired School Principal: member of Salem School Committee
  • Erin Heiskell, Family Physician, Beacon Family Medicine
  • Whitney Savignano, General Manager, Boston Student Housing Group LLC and Plummer volunteer
  • Bob Wentworth, Retired
    Former Assistant Commissioner, Department of Children and Families, Commonwealth of Massachusetts