Open Letter on Racial Injustice

Dear Plummer Youth Promise Community,

The United States and much of the world are participating in, watching and listening to racial justice protests unlike those seen for decades.

Demonstrations are happening throughout the U.S. and globally. People of every race, ethnicity, sexual-orientation, gender identity and religion are standing together. Corporations and organizations are making visible changes. And the term systemic racism is being discussed in meetings, at dinner tables and in the news.

The recent, horrifying killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have catalyzed widespread outrage and are a call to look far beyond the immediate events to the explicit and implicit forms of racism that permeate our everyday lives. The current momentum must not be squandered.

For those of us who work in the child welfare system (the foster care system), this is a call to examine how bias within our own work harms the very children and families we’re meant to support, and to actively work to change that. It requires intentional examination of everything we do along with the humility to accept that we can do better. It requires a willingness to make necessary changes, and the vigilance to sustain those changes going forward.

At Plummer we are committed to ensuring that racism does not exist in our service delivery. This means investing the time and resources to assess everything in the organization from operations to communications to governance. And it means dismantling any practices that perpetuate racial bias.

We are also committed to speaking out when we see bias elsewhere in the child welfare system that affect the youth and family we work with. We will hold tight to our resolve to prioritize family connections for the youth we serve and use this commitment to challenge systemic racism that creates false barriers to family relationships. We will remain steadfast to our vision of a world where every young person has a family unconditionally committed to nurture, protect and guide them to successful adulthood.

Nicole McLaughlin
Executive Director