A Foster Child’s Wish for the New Year

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I am a two-year-old girl who is going to be reunified with my mommy next month. I wish that my foster family would stay in my life. It has really helped that they have gotten to know Mommy. She says they have helped her learn to take better care of me. So, if they could still see us sometimes or maybe let Mommy call them that would be great. I wish too that if she needs a break or has to work crazy hours to pay our bills Mommy could bring me to stay overnight with them once in a while.


I am a thirteen-year-old boy who came into foster care with my younger sisters but we don’t live together now. I used to take care of them all the time when there was no one else home. I wish I could know that they are ok. I worry about them a lot. It really helps when I can talk to them on phone or Face Time them a lot. Seeing them in person once a month is just not enough so I wish I could have more chances to hear their voices and tell them that I love them.


I am a seventeen-year-old girl who has been in foster care off and on for years.  I’ve lived in this foster home with Rochelle and Mike for two years and I really like them. And they like me. They tell me they would adopt me if I wanted it but I always say “no way, I’m too old for that.” I wish someone would help me see that I am not too old to be adopted. If I knew that I could still keep my name and see my dad and my sister I think I might change my mind. If Rochelle and Mike were clear that they really want to adopt me and not wait for me to say it first that would help a lot. And, maybe I could meet some other kids who were adopted when they were older. I wish that this year some of this stuff will happen because otherwise I may feel that I should go out on my own when I turn 18.


At Plummer Youth Promise, it is our wish for the New Year that all our youth have a family they can count on. That is why we help kids like these connect with the people that can be a permanent, positive presence in their lives. Whether it be a parent, foster parent, sibling, or grandparent, data shows that these permanent relationships are vital to the success and well-being of youth in foster care as they grow. This is why we believe so strongly in #FamilyForEveryone.


Happy New Year to you and everyone you call family!

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